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The Wesley Rock Art Group was founded around 16 years ago by renowned local artist Elspeth Braybrooks.  Elspeth was an inspirational and energetic leader of the group but following an illness in 2010 she handed on the art group to Lyn Norman, who has endeavoured to carry it forward in the spirit in which it was founded.

We meet every Monday 1.30pm until 3.00pm at St Thomas, Church Road, Heamoor, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 3JJ

Come and join our small freindly art group for just £2 per session.

Drop in and see what we do - join in and have a taster session.

For more information about classes call Lyn Norman on 01736 763683 and for any matters relating to our web site please contact Jayne, our Web Manager.


Latest news ..

FREE SAA pastel workshop with Jeremy Ford August 1st

Added: Wednesday, 25th July 2018

This online workshop can be found at : info@emarketing.saa.co.uk just register online and watch on the day!

Lyn Norman


Landscapes with mountains

Added: Wednesday, 25th July 2018

Painting distant mountains will be our theme this session. References available but bring your own if you have one. Please note: This will be our last session until 27th August (a bank holiday but there WILL be a session on that day) therefore we will be on hols for 3 weeks. See you Monday.

Lyn Norman


Painting poppies

Added: Saturday, 21st July 2018

Poppies are the theme this session. As they don't survive long as cut flowers we will be using photos as references. There is an SSA initiative - asking for artists to send in small (4.9"x 4.9") painting in any medium for display, to mark 100th anniversary of the end of WW1, together with a donation if possible. More details on Monday.

Lyn Norman



Added: Friday, 13th July 2018

If you are interested in the collage session please bring along a pair of scissors if you can, tearing paper up is fine but sometimes cutting is necessary. Thanks.

Lyn Norman


Enjoy collage

Added: Wednesday, 11th July 2018

Bring along a magazine, scraps of any type of paper, tissue, wrapping, etc etc, pens and paints to relax and create a collaged picture of a bird. PVA glue will be provided. Join in or just paint a picture from the reference if you would rather. No pressure!

Lyn Norman


Simply perspective

Added: Saturday, 7th July 2018

This session will focus on a rather attractive vineyard scene which includes a building and, therefore, involves perspective. We'll look at a simple way to bring all the angles of a building running in the right direction and keep stress levels to a minimum! For those who are involved in other projects, please bring them along.

Lyn Norman


Breezy landscape

Added: Thursday, 28th June 2018

Thie session will focus on an image of Devil's Dyke, which has blue sky, white clouds and sun and shadow across the hills. For this exercise we will all be using the same image, (unless you are doing your own thing) and, seeing that different media is being used it will not be a complete "paint along" session but the fundamentals of landscape, composition and colour use will attempted to be explained!

Lyn Norman


Still Life

Added: Sunday, 24th June 2018

If you can, bring a favourite piece to add to a still life set up this week. There will be a focus on glass bottles/jars etc plus ceramics and possibly some flowers. Enjoy brushing up your drawing and painting skills!

Lyn Norman


Sunflower vistas

Added: Saturday, 16th June 2018

Sunflowers will be the theme this session - either a few flower heads, or in fields in the landscape, all from references in our store. Also, we'll be looking at colour mixing. Enjoy!

Lyn Norman


Looking at the sea

Added: Sunday, 10th June 2018

This session's theme is "coastal views", looking at the sea through surrounding foliage and flowers or foreground rocks etc. As ever, bring your own project if preferred.

Lyn Norman



St Thomas, Church Road, Heamoor, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 3JJ
St Thomas, Church Road, Heamoor,
Penzance, Cornwall TR18 3JJ


Heamoor, Penzance, Cornwall